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Epstein: The Logic Behind a COTA Stadium

[Editor’s note: The following was originally submitted by Bobby Epstein, COTA chairman and majority owner of USL Austin, as a reply to Lee Nichols’ Why COTA Can Work and the comment thread there. With the author’s permission, we present it instead as a standalone post.]

After reading your thoughts about our efforts to bring professional soccer back to Austin, the responses to what you wrote and the various other opinions, I thought I’d give you some rationale behind the decisions.… Read the rest “Epstein: The Logic Behind a COTA Stadium”

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Why COTA Can Work

[Editor’s note: it’s been a while since we’ve had much going on here on the Violet Crown Soccer Network. With confirmed news of a real-life pro team returning (eventually), we’re coming out of hibernation. First up: the following post by Lee Nichols, a rabid Austin soccer fan and former Aztex season ticket holder. If you’re interested in contributing, let us know!

By now, every soccer fan in Austin has surely seen the announcement that the United Soccer League (USL) … Read the rest “Why COTA Can Work”