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Council Looks Forward to Community Benefits from Austin FC

From coverage of this week’s MLS announcement in the Austin Chronicle (¬°Dale, Austin FC! MLS Makes It Official), some interesting comments from a council members Garza and Casar:

After the event, Mayor Pro Tem Garza and CM Casar echoed Adler’s declaration that Austin FC could act as a kind of existential unifying force throughout the city. Garza pointed to her childhood in San Antonio, where Spurs fandom stretched across class lines, and Casar recalled PTA meetings where parents

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Austin FC, No Question

by Chris G.

I heard this on one of my regular podcasts today and I thought the hosts, Tyler Kern and Steve Davis, put it simply and clearly. They were discussing today’s Big Announcement (from about the 26th minute of this episode):

Kern: Can I say something about this? Because I saw someone that I follow on Twitter that I like, that said something to the effect of, “How can the fans in Austin really celebrate this knowing that

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