It’s World Cup Eve! First kick is just 19 hours away! Here are the answers to your most important last-minute questions!

  1. “Is there a fantasy football game I can play?” Yes!
  2. “Is there an #AWCHQ league?” Yes! Use league code FG8QVZAW.

Brutal but kind of funny critique of Fox’s US coverage of #WorldCup2018

it’s poetic in a sad way that the network has seen fit to use a boxing analogy to advertise its coverage of a sport in which players can’t use their hands. #AWCHQ ⚽️

Not that there’s a shortage of soccer news in Austin this week, but don’t forget: the World Cup starts in TWO WEEKS! I’m excited, and going to give this idea a try. Announcing: Armadillo World (Cup) Headquarters #AWCHQ #WorldCup2018 ⚽️