The big news is, Austin FC is starting the next phase of ticket sales, in the supporters’ section. The other news is what a polite atmosphere it will be 😄 (pretty sure that should be chant).

Lincoln Rose has posted a three-part chat with Arch Bell and Kit McConnico about the past & future of soccer in Austin. Watch the YouTube clips below (or listen to the audio on SoundCloud: part 1, part 2, & part 3:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Depending on the day, anyone in a several-mile radius can see that a stadium is being constructed in North Austin near the Domain.

“It’s a pretty rewarding emotion,” Austin FC president Andy Loughnane said. “Just in the last two weeks alone we’ve gone vertical quickly. I think the community is probably starting to become aware that this is real.”

…There are about 450 construction workers on site six days a week (Sundays off), Loughnane said, with six cranes currently in

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With the 2020 USL Championship season delayed (at a minimum) and a venue that relies on the large crowds now prohibited due to the pandemic, Bobby Epstein’s staff reductions at COTA include Roberto Silva, general manager of Austin Bold FC (and before that, the Austin Aztex).

Bils in The Statesman

Unquestionable Ambition

Austin FC stadium under construction

We are still a year away from watching our city’s first major league team take the pitch, yet Austin FC has already charted an ambitious start. For those of you that have followed sports in Austin over the last few decades, you know that securing a stadium has been the largest hurdle for any professional sports organization searching for sustainable success.

Austin FC has not only secured a stadium site, and inside Austin’s city limits at that, they have broken … Read the rest “Unquestionable Ambition”

Austin Soccer Stadiums Past, Present, & Future

Soccer supporters in Austin have chased the game all over town, this past decade:

Dragon Stadium (Round Rock HS)

Nelson Field (John H. Reagan HS)

House Park (Austin ISD)

Mike A. Myers Stadium (UT)

Shoal Creek (during its temporary expansion)

Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex (RRISD)

Bold Stadium (Circuit of the Americas)

Some of these are clearly better than others. House Park has a certain shabby-chic 1930s charm, but the high-school football fields generally were very, very far from ideal. The … Read the rest “Austin Soccer Stadiums Past, Present, & Future”

Austin Bold FC Win Inaugural Copa Tejas

Copa Tejas trophy & scarves

Sunday evening was a beautiful one for soccer at Bold Stadium at the Circuit of The Americas. And the teams put on a good show in a regular-season USL match that happened to have a little extra on the line. By the time the final whistle blew, Austin Bold FC had won Copa Tejas with 3-0 victory over Rio Grande Valley FC:

Austin Bold FC won the Copa Tejas at Bold Stadium after a 3-0 win over local rivals

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Houston Chronicle: Why Aren’t the Dynamo Bigger?

empty seats at BBVA stadium

Interesting article in the Houston Chronicle last week, wondering why the established team there isn’t better supported: Dynamo know they should be bigger in Houston:

Attendance issues have mirrored the club’s on-field struggles. After ranking in the top 10 from 2006-15 and placing fourth as recently as 2012, the Dynamo fell to 17th in 2017. According to the Sports Business Journal, the Dynamo only topped five teams in 2018 average attendance in early August.

An Aug. 3 match between

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Council Looks Forward to Community Benefits from Austin FC

From coverage of this week’s MLS announcement in the Austin Chronicle (¡Dale, Austin FC! MLS Makes It Official), some interesting comments from a council members Garza and Casar:

After the event, Mayor Pro Tem Garza and CM Casar echoed Adler’s declaration that Austin FC could act as a kind of existential unifying force throughout the city. Garza pointed to her childhood in San Antonio, where Spurs fandom stretched across class lines, and Casar recalled PTA meetings where parents

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