Supporting Local Soccer Beyond Austin FC

There are so many things happening this summer in Austin that revolve around McKalla Place, the new center of our soccer universe. Hopefully by now you have secured some tickets to an Oaks match or to see the best women’s soccer team in the history of the planet. Though we know that with limited seating capacity, a lot of folks are left on the outside looking in.

But don’t forget the other offerings that our home city provides when it … Read the rest “Supporting Local Soccer Beyond Austin FC”

With the 2020 USL Championship season delayed (at a minimum) and a venue that relies on the large crowds now prohibited due to the pandemic, Bobby Epstein’s staff reductions at COTA include Roberto Silva, general manager of Austin Bold FC (and before that, the Austin Aztex).

Bils in The Statesman

Stoppage Time: 8/30/19

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  • Matthew McConaughey becomes Austin FC minority owner, along with three other guys who are probably very nice, and probably bring more money, but let’s face it, McConaughey’s the news here. [Insert his “Dazed And Confused” catchphrase, as required by city, state, and federal laws whenever he is mentioned.]
  • MLS being anti-Antifa – This fight is centered in Portland, but is also taking place across
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Stadium Standards & Smoke Signals

On October 2nd the Austin Aztex announced that they will not be participating on the field in 2016, with the intention to return in 2017. The press release made clear that the Aztex are under pressure from USL to find a suitable long-term home for the club. If they are truly returning in 2017, the owners and the remaining staff must be working furiously to accomplish their goal. Their only public step so far is the nice-looking Stadium for Austin … Read the rest “Stadium Standards & Smoke Signals”