Halftime in the Group C games and it’s been less thrilling than I’d hoped. For the first halves I think #AUSPER has been the more entertaining, but that’s been less than amazing so far. We’ll see whether it or #FRADEN come to life in the second 45! #AWCHQ ⚽️

& in Sochi there’s another battle looming: Australia could squeak out of the group if they add 3 points to their 1 (but only if Denmark loses); while Peru, eliminated, will try to turn their quality play into their 1st goal, if not their 1st result! #AWCHQ #AUSPER ⚽️

More simultaneous #WorldCup madness, & so much to be decided! First, in the early time slot is Group C: leaders France, on 6 pts, vs. Denmark, on 4. #FRA will advance, but are fighting for #1; #DEN need at least a draw to get to the knockout rounds. #AWCHQ #FRADEN ⚽️

Next up: Group B, with more on the line & complicated advancement scenarios! Drawing of lots, maybe!! #POR on 4 points, will play #IRN, on 3. Meanwhile #ESP, also on 4, play a #MAR side that is eliminated but could be a spoiler.! #AWCHQ #IRNPOR #ESPMAR ⚽️

You think watching 2 simultaneous game is hard, try also dealing with an Airbnb crisis at the same time! I was even less able to fully get into these games than I would have been, but for games without much on the line they both seemed pretty good! #AWCHQ #URURUS #KSAEGY ⚽️

“You could not have scripted this any better,” and “That will go down in World Cup history as an iconic moment,” – even games that don’t affect the knockout rounds, like this one between #KSA & #EGY, can be great! #AWCHQ #KSAEGY ⚽️

Today we start the final pairs of games in each #WorldCup group, 2 time slots of 2 games played simultaneously. First up, Group A: #URU vs #RUS (both already advancing, but who will be 1st?) & #KSA vs #EGY (both out, playing for pride only). #AWCHQ #URURUS #KSAEGY ⚽️

That was another pretty good game! There wasn’t bad one today, but there wasn’t a clear great one, either. So you can hardly go wrong, but if you only watch one, I guess I’d recommend: England v Panama. #AWCHQ #POLCOL #ENGPAN ⚽️

This game had a kind of a manic start, not always in a good way, but it’s been pretty fun so far. Here goes the second half! #AWCHQ #POLCOL ⚽️

Wrapping up this second glorious weekend of #WorldCup games is the 2nd game of the day in Group H. Lewandowski’s Poland vs. Rodríguez’s Colombia, both early favorites of this evenly-matched group, will be looking to get their first points! #AWCHQ #POLCOL ⚽️