Poor Dr. Joe Machnik, only ever getting to talk about penalties & rules & ref decisions. They should check in with him after a beautiful goal once in a while, let him talk about something positive! #AWCHQ #JPNSEN ⚽️

For the second game of the day, Japan and Senegal meet in Ekaterinburg. As current leaders of Group H, either team would secure a spot in the round of 16 with a win. It could be an open one! #AWCHQ #JPNSEN ⚽️

That match was pretty fun! Definitely settled down after halftime, but the second 45 had its fun, history-making moments, too. #AWCHQ #ENGPAN ⚽️

With the team and crowd reaction to that late goal, I think it might be my favorite of the match. #AWCHQ #ENGPAN ⚽️

Well, wow! If you slept in and missed that first half of #ENGPAN – it’s worth starting the game over from the beginning for! #AWCHQ ⚽️

This is it, Day 11, the final day of 3-game days! And to start it off we have perennially dramatic England vs. debutantes Panama. #ENG will be eager to add to their 3 points before facing Belgium; #PAN will be looking for anything they can get. #AWCHQ #ENGPAN ⚽️

As with the 2nd game I “watched” most of #GERSWE on my phone in a car hurtling down the road. Arrived at the Airbnb in the 75th minute, got on wifi on the porch, sat & watched the end while my poor family tried to figure out the lock box. #NoRegrets #AWCHQ ⚽️

For the middle match today we return to Rostov-On-Don to see Korea-On-Mex. Or will it be Mexico-On-Kor? The CONCACAF team bring the 3 points they won from their upset of Germany, while the AFC team are looking to earn any. #AWCHQ #KORMEX ⚽️