US Soccer Hall of Fame in Frisco?

Steven Goff at the Washington Post: Soccer Hall of Fame remains on track for Dallas suburb.

Frisco, Tex., home to MLS’s FC Dallas and an expansive athletic complex in the fast-growing north Dallas suburbs, is the clear front-runner to become the site of the National Soccer Hall of Fame, multiple sources told the Insider.

The developing story has FC Dallas fans connecting this potential news to recently announced 2016 ticket- and parking-cost increases at the club. From Peter Welpton’s story for the Dallas Morning News, Is FC Dallas missing puzzle piece also its worst kept secret?:

when FC Dallas gave a peek at alarmingly high 2016 pricing hikes creating questions, which in turn generated a reply from the club there were other pieces to the puzzle yet to be revealed. That last part created speculation the Hall of Fame was the remaining big missing piece and started to float around the soccer circles of the DFW area. For the last week or so depending on who you spoke to its been generally considered a done deal and what the Hunts will soon throw into the mix.