On the Win Last Night

Scoreboard at McKalla Place says it: Austin FC Wins!Austin FC fans haven’t had an easy time of it lately. A long run of losses, a spot at the bottom of the Western Division, and being included in discussions about the worst expansion team in league history will do that. There’s been lots of grumbling – or outright yelling – about the coach, the technical director, the owner, and the team. Players wrote open letters asking fans to not give up on them. And the fans kept showing … Read the rest “On the Win Last Night”

On How Damn Loud the Stadium Is

You’re sitting in your seat at McKalla Place, waiting for the game to start. You watch the teams warming up on the field below, and you sip your exorbitantly expensive beer. You make a comment to the person next to you, and you know what they probably reply? hearing protection ear muffs


That’s because the speakers in the roof above you are turned up to eleven, and the music being played by “DJ Chorizo Funk” – a man with a funny stage name … Read the rest “On How Damn Loud the Stadium Is”

Getting to McKalla via the 803

Part four in an ongoing series exploring options for getting to McKalla Place for games. Previously: Getting to McKalla via the Pavemint Shuttle, Getting to McKalla via the 383 and Getting to McKalla via the Red Line.

CapMetro’s high-frequency route #803 is another excellent option for getting to McKalla Place. The northbound origins of the line begin in South Austin at the Westgate Transit Center. From there the route courses through South Lamar to Guadalupe, eventually making its … Read the rest “Getting to McKalla via the 803”

On the Crew as a Rival

Some folks are trying to push the idea that Austin FC has an automatic rivalry with the Columbus Crew, due to our owner’s previous affiliation and attempted relocation of that franchise. The fact that the Crew are one of only two of our games against Eastern Conference teams is a good clue that the league thought there might be some friction here, too.

But in the end that Ohio team – and their fans – wound up losing literally nothing … Read the rest “On the Crew as a Rival”

On the Wave

At the US vs. Nigeria game on Wednesday night, we were part of a full, enthusiastic crowd at McKalla Place, the first in history. The mood was high, the night was warm, and the excitement was electric. Some of our most beloved American stars were on the field, working hard to break down a tough and disciplined Nigerian defense.

And then someone started the wave.

Doing the wave at a game is like breaking out Pictionary or Cards Against Humanity … Read the rest “On the Wave”

Getting to McKalla via the Pavemint Shuttle

Part three in an ongoing series exploring options for getting to McKalla Place for games. Previously: Getting to McKalla via the 383 and Getting to McKalla via the Red Line

Inside the Pavemint shuttle school-busAustin FC has partnered with a parking company called Pavemint to manage not only prepaid parking in McKalla Place’s own (small) lots, but also third-party parking areas in the vicinity. Perhaps we’ll see some of the many businesses around the stadium open up their parking lots through Pavemint – looking … Read the rest “Getting to McKalla via the Pavemint Shuttle”

Getting to McKalla via the Red Line

Part two in an ongoing series exploring the options for getting to McKalla Place for games. Previously: Getting to McKalla via the 383

Kramer Station MetroRail stop The next option to look at is CapMetro’s commuter rail service, namely the Red Line. This route stretches from Downtown to Leander, and happens to go right by the stadium. Someday there will be a station right at the stadium, but they don’t expect to break ground on that until the end of 2021. In … Read the rest “Getting to McKalla via the Red Line”

On Beer: 512 Barrel-Aged Pecan Porter

Technically this pregame brew is (512) Brewing Company’s “Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Pecan Porter (2021)”. It’s darn tasty, though somehow this barrel-aged version isn’t quite at the level other beers reach. Or is it because it’s a porter instead of a stout?

Anyway, here’a the black, let’s add some Verde (or some Parley Ocean Plastic PrimeBlue, as the case may be) and steal some points in Seattle.

Supporting Local Soccer Beyond Austin FC

There are so many things happening this summer in Austin that revolve around McKalla Place, the new center of our soccer universe. Hopefully by now you have secured some tickets to an Oaks match or to see the best women’s soccer team in the history of the planet. Though we know that with limited seating capacity, a lot of folks are left on the outside looking in.

But don’t forget the other offerings that our home city provides when it … Read the rest “Supporting Local Soccer Beyond Austin FC”

On the McKalla Beer Selections

Thanks to Twitter user “Beerwords” (@anavenueblog), we know the starting lineup of beers on tap at McKalla Place for the first home game. First the snapshot of the Scrabble-style signboard, and below, the transcribed list.

The list … Read the rest “On the McKalla Beer Selections”