A new Austin FC supporters group has been launched: Los Verdes.

Los Verdes logo

From conversation on the Austin FC subreddit, it sounds like the new group was formed by former Anthem members who wanted a different approach.

There was always a desire to keep Anthem as the sole banner of supporters for Austin FC, but a number of Anthem leaders split off and have decided to create their own thing with a different model. [“TexanStig”]


Anthem has had a very broad approach, attempting to be everything to everyone. I assume they’ll adjust and narrow down their niche over time.

Los Verdes is simply composed of people who want gameday to be the primary focus. In my personal experience, that is not a key focus for Anthem. [“ZanatesMaestro”]

There’s also talk of forming a kind of an independent supporters’ union, along the lines of LAFC’s “3252”.

Regardless, it’s an interesting and surprising development ten months before the team’s first match.

Update: press release provided by Los Verdes:

We’re proud to announce the formation of Los Verdes, the newest independent supporters group for Austin FC. Los Verdes are committed to the gameday experience and encouraging people to share their passions through songs, chants, TIFO and more. We look forward to working with all Austin FC supporters in love of our club and city.

Membership is not available now, but will be soon. Email information@losverdesatx.org for information and updates.

The launch video, which defines our experience and our group is available at:

Who Are Los Verdes

We lead with undying passion for the beautiful game and our club. We will create the best supporters culture in Major League Soccer on and off the field. We will treat each other with the utmost respect and appreciate the perspectives that we all bring to the stadium. This is more than just a casual experience, it is a way of life. Win or lose, rain or shine, we will support our club for the full 90.

Quiénes Son Los Verdes

Lideramos con pasión inquebrantable por el fútbol y nuestro club. Nuestro propósito es crear la mejor cultura de apoyo en Major League Soccer y el mejor ambiente de tribuna dentro y fuera de la cancha. Trataremos a todos con respeto y apreciamos la perspectiva que aportan dentro del estadio. Esto es más que una experiencia casual de fans, es una manera de vivir. Ganamos o perdamos, llueva o esté soleado, estaremos apoyando a nuestro club por 90 minutos más lo que agreguen!

Why Join Los Verdes

Join us if you want to stand, sing, and chant in support of Austin FC. Whether you are a long-time supporter, a new fan, or someone who is just soccer-curious but has passion for Austin, join us to create something bigger than any of us can be alone. When we aren’t in the stands on game day, we will be around the city supporting each other, sharing the positive message of the global sport, and supporting the community.

Por qué Unirte a Los Verdes

Únete a nuestro movimiento si quieres estar de pie cantando y echando porra para impulsar a nuestro equipo, Austin FC, hacia la victoria. Seas un aficionado casual, hincha original, o alguien que solo tiene curiosidad de ver de qué se trata esta pasión, únete a nosotros y ayúdanos a crear un movimiento para devolverle a nuestra comunidad. Algo más grande que cada uno de nosotros. Cuando no estemos apoyando nuestro club en el estadio, estaremos apoyando a en los alrededores de la ciudad. Siempre dando un mensaje positivo de apoyarnos el uno al otro, predicando el mensaje del deporte global de darle AGUANTE a nuestra comunidad.