On the McKalla Beer Selections

Thanks to Twitter user “Beerwords” (@anavenueblog), we know the starting lineup of beers on tap at McKalla Place for the first home game. First the snapshot of the Scrabble-style signboard, and below, the transcribed list.

The list (links to Untappd.com):

First off, remember the Austin soccer history. The Aztex (both versions) had little choice but to play on high school football fields. It’s against state law to even possess alcohol on school district property, let alone sell it to your fans every weekend. In their last season at House Park – before the place was flooded – they finally figured out a way to get us beer: we just had to hike over to the corner of the parking garage under the Austin Rec Center next door. We couldn’t see the field from there, but we could buy all the Shiner we could drink. It was heaven, and we loved it.

In this golden age, as we wait eagerly outside the gates of that beautiful new stadium at McKalla Place, there’s obviously no worry about whether or not there will be beer. Anheuser-Busch and Heineken were announced as sponsors a long time ago, so seeing their products on the menu is no surprise. Similarly for Dos Equis, which has its own pretty nice-looking branded patio area, La Barra XX:

But there’s a big overlap between soccer fans and craft beer fans, and in Austin we love our locals as much as they do anywhere. The craft selections on this list may not wow many hardcore craft beer drinkers with how daring or innovative they are. Yet there are indeed some beloved local breweries getting in on the action, and a good variety of styles well suited to watching some top-level soccer in our team’s brand new home. (Being within a mile of six brew pubs doesn’t hurt the craft beer/soccer story, either.)

“But Karbach isn’t really craft anymore,” some argue, pointing to the 2016 acquisition by AB-InBev. That’s a discussion to have over beers, and if those beers were Love Street, they’d be delicious. In contrast, if you go to an FC Dallas game, and you find the one (1) “craft” concession, you can get some Shock Top, and That’s. About. It.

We look forward to seeing even more and different options from our favorite local (& regional) breweries. Until then, we’ll enjoy the hell out of our favorites from this list.

Violet Crown Verdict: Two thumbs up