On the Miracle of Austin FC’s Existence

The very existence of this MLS expansion club, in this city, at this time, is practically a miracle. There have been so many things that, if they had gone just a little differently, might have kept this from happening.

To be sure, there were plenty of hurdles that were cleared to get here. Failed attempts at getting downtown land for the stadium, a sitting member of Austin City Council traveling to Columbus on behalf of her constituents there, even a … Read the rest “On the Miracle of Austin FC’s Existence”

2016: The Year Ahead for Austin Soccer Fans

The Aztex hiatus means that we won’t be able to attend professional games in Austin this year, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for soccer fans in central Texas to do. In fact, with a little travel and/or a TV, there’s a lot of footie in store for 2016.

Foreign Leagues: EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, etc.

now through mid-May, resuming in August

You may well already be a fan of one of a team or two in the big foreign … Read the rest “2016: The Year Ahead for Austin Soccer Fans”

Road Report: USWNT Victory Tour in San Antonio

Both of your Violet Crown Soccer correspondents made the trip down to San Antonio last Thursday to see the U.S. women’s national team on the Texas leg of their 2015 Victory Tour. Though we didn’t see the world cup trophy itself – thanks to the Alamodome’s goofy no re-entry policy – we did see: a lively American Outlaws tailgate & march, a Christen Press hat-trick, a six-zero final scoreline, and lots of enthusiastic USWNT fans. Below are a few pictures … Read the rest “Road Report: USWNT Victory Tour in San Antonio”

USWNT to Bring 3 Stars to San Antonio

On Thursday the United States Women’s National Team’s Victory Tour heads to San Antonio with three stars and a new dedication to bringing equal footing to the women’s international game. A week ago, the match in San Antonio looked to be a rematch versus a Trinidad & Tobago side they were expected to dismantle at Aloha stadium. But that match never happened: according to a statement released by the team, Hawaii’s first ever international soccer competition was called off … Read the rest “USWNT to Bring 3 Stars to San Antonio”

USWNT Refuses Hawaii Turf, Is Alamodome Next?

U.S. Soccer announced this morning the last-minute cancellation of the friendly the Women’s National Team was to play against Trinidad & Tobago in Hawaii. The decision was made “after a determination that the artificial turf surface is not suitable to hold an international soccer match”.

The U.S. Women are scheduled to play Trinidad & Tobago at the Alamodome in San Antonio on Thursday night. The women’s soccer news site Equalizer Soccer, in a post from just before to the cancellation Read the rest “USWNT Refuses Hawaii Turf, Is Alamodome Next?”