Austin FC, No Question

by Chris G.

I heard this on one of my regular podcasts today and I thought the hosts, Tyler Kern and Steve Davis, put it simply and clearly. They were discussing today’s Big Announcement (from about the 26th minute of this episode):

Kern: Can I say something about this? Because I saw someone that I follow on Twitter that I like, that said something to the effect of, “How can the fans in Austin really celebrate this knowing that Anthony Precourt is their owner?” Kinda the idea of, if someone cheats on their boyfriend/girlfriend with you, then there’s a good chance they’re gonna do that to you eventually, sort of thing.

Davis: I think that ignores some human psychology. Because, he’s picked Austin.

Kern: I can’t fault people for being excited that they have a soccer team. Regardless of how you get it. If you’re a soccer fan in Austin, I don’t know that you’re waking up & saying, “yeah, but the owner might not…,” you know, “I don’t know that I like him…”

Davis: My heavens, Washington Redskins fans, for years, they still liked the Redskins even though Daniel Snyder was there.

Kern: Yeah. I think at the end of the day if you’re a fan of soccer and all of a sudden you have a soccer team in your city, you’re happy about that regardless of how it got there. And I know that people might not like to hear that, and you might not like how the whole thing went down, and you might not like Anthony Precourt at this point, but if you’re someone living in Austin, you’re probably happier to have an MLS team if you’re a soccer fan than you were without one.

Davis: No question.

No question. See you at Rustic Tap, or at the next Austin FC event, if you can’t make it today and you’re stuck watching the livestream.


  1. For real. Saw a twitter post much to the same. I didn’t care if we got the crew or as happens to be the fact Columbus got to keep them and we got a new one. So long as we had a mls team. Don’t get me wrong, I’d feel bad for Columbus, and won’t trust Precourt, but that doesn’t effect my feelings about a pro soccer team in Austin.

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