On the Wave

At the US vs. Nigeria game on Wednesday night, we were part of a full, enthusiastic crowd at McKalla Place, the first in history. The mood was high, the night was warm, and the excitement was electric. Some of our most beloved American stars were on the field, working hard to break down a tough and disciplined Nigerian defense.

And then someone started the wave.

Doing the wave at a game is like breaking out Pictionary or Cards Against Humanity at a movie theater in the middle of a movie. It’s like playing hide & go seek at a museum. It’s like ironically yelling “Freebird!” during the slower songs at a concert at Stubb’s.

That is, it’s distracting, if not disrespectful, to the the players, the performance, and the other people who came there to enjoy the show.

Think how the players on the field must feel when the wave starts up. “Well, despite the fact that we’re playing our hearts out down here and focused 100% on this match, I guess the masses are bored, and have decided to start distracting themselves.” Maybe they wonder why the fans paid so much for such exclusive tickets in the first place.

If you’re attending an event that truly is boring – most baseball games, or even a soccer game between totally uninteresting teams, say, like the Dynamo vs. the Revolution – then it may occasionally be okay to resort to the fidget-spinner of crowd activities and participate in the wave.

But at matches at McKalla Place, Austin FC games especially, please don’t.

Violet Crown Verdict: One thumb down