On the Crew as a Rival

Some folks are trying to push the idea that Austin FC has an automatic rivalry with the Columbus Crew, due to our owner’s previous affiliation and attempted relocation of that franchise. The fact that the Crew are one of only two of our games against Eastern Conference teams is a good clue that the league thought there might be some friction here, too.

But in the end that Ohio team – and their fans – wound up losing literally nothing but sleep. In fact, they gained a ton of goodwill, the new stadium they wanted all along, and an owner that must be better for the fans, based on how much they hate Precourt. Here in Austin, meanwhile, we gained an expansion team, a brand-new organization built from scratch.

Also, despite this season’s single match-up, it’s still the case that we’re in the West and they’re in the East. A “rivalry” based on old Twitter squabbles and followed by playing each other once every three or four seasons isn’t going to last, anyway.

So, sorry media hypesters and Twitter trolls, there’s just not really anything there. We’ll see how hot our in-state rivalries with Dallas and Houston get, and we’ll see what develops on the field, over time, with other teams.

Violet Crown verdict: one thumb down