Stoppage Time 1/18/20

Austin FC anniversarry party with Austin Anthem

Keeping Central Texans up-to-date on all the soccer news that’s fit to link to.


The Statesman’s Chris Bils kicks off our first update of the new year with Bold 2020 news:

Mark your calendars. Austin Bold will begin its 2020 season at home, with the opener against New Mexico United set for 7:30 p.m. March 7 at Bold Stadium.

The Bold will also have a new weapon in year two, with longtime Austin rival Billy Forbes joining up

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Here we go with the second half and the final verdicts in Group D! For me these games have been thin on pure entertainment but full of suspenseful excitement due to context! #NGAARG #ISLCRO ⚽️

RT (minus spoiler detail) @OliverKayTimes: “Seen some great games so far at this World Cup. #DEN v #FRA is not one of them. Crowd booing. Two teams coasting… No intensity whatsoever. … 68 minszzzzzzz #DENFRA” #AWCHQ ⚽️

Holy cats! Will update the page soon but those were a couple more great and crazy games. Maybe I’d give the edge to #ESPMAR but #IRNPOR was a pretty fun & wild ride too! #AWCHQ ⚽️

What a half! Upgraded my math skills and scenario evaluation, too. Buckle up for the finale of Group B. #AWCHQ #ESPMAR #IRNPOR ⚽️

The AT&T data signal on the highway wasn’t bad and neither was that game! #AWCHQ #KORMEX ⚽️

Oh, the pressure buildup so far, that melodramatic fall made me laugh out loud. There should be a Best Actor award in this tournament. #AWCHQ #BRACRC ⚽️