Getting to McKalla via the 803

Part four in an ongoing series exploring options for getting to McKalla Place for games. Previously: Getting to McKalla via the Pavemint Shuttle, Getting to McKalla via the 383 and Getting to McKalla via the Red Line.

CapMetro’s high-frequency route #803 is another excellent option for getting to McKalla Place. The northbound origins of the line begin in South Austin at the Westgate Transit Center. From there the route courses through South Lamar to Guadalupe, eventually making its way to Burnet Road and ultimately terminating at the Domain. To run the full course of this route from South to the Domain is a little longer than a 1 hour haul.

One of the last stops of this line on gamedays is Bright Verde Way directly adjacent to the stadium. From the dropoff point to the stadium it’s approximately 0.1 miles to the front gate.

We decided to take this line last Saturday to the MLS debut at McKalla, and I must say it was a flawless experience. The 803 runs every 8 minutes on game days, so if you miss one, the next one won’t be far behind. We weren’t the only ones with a solid experience riding the 803 last weekend.

Allandale stop on the CapMetro 803 line

My son and I hopped on the 803 at the Allandale stop, near Burnet and 2222. The quick, air-conditioned ride was free, and will remain that way on weekends through July 4. But don’t forget your mask; as of this writing face coverings are still required for mass transit.

One of the best things about this route is that after the game, multiple 803 buses are lined up just steps away from the NW gate. After spending 2 plus hours with your rowdy friends at McKalla it is nice to have a cool bus waiting on you. As soon as the buses meet a certain capacity you are off cruising down Burnet Rd in a South bound direction.

Whether you are in South Austin or just down the Burnet corridor, the 803 has proven to be a solid way to get to and from McKalla.

Pro tip for 803 riders: Want a pre- or post-match drink (or both), but don’t want to pay stadium prices? Give Turnstile a try. Located on Burnet just north of the Rutland stop (see this map), this neighborhood bar has a great selection of beers on tap, and brews a nice cup of coffee, too. Prefer a cocktail or food? They make a terrific old fashioned, a tasty burger and you might also get to meet a few members of the Fighting Leslies Drinking Club.

Tap List at Turnstile on Burnet