So that’s what watching a river pound against a stone for 45 minutes is like. I doubt it’s a spoiler to say that one team have had all the possession (73%) & 5x the shots. But winning this game isn’t out of reach for either side, so far. #AWCHQ #IRNESP ⚽️

Time for today’s last match, finishing up Group B’s second matches in Kazan Arena! Iran with 3 points, though they haven’t scored a goal of their own yet; Spain with just 1, after Ronaldo stole their victory in game 1. Let’s go! #AWCHQ #IRNESP ⚽️

There’s the second game down and not a minute too soon. I like Uruguay generally, & I’ve liked Suarez since his days at Liverpool, but I didn’t find much to like about this drab match. An hour to eat lunch, then back for Iran v Spain! #AWCHQ #IRNESP

Phil Neville via The Guardian: “They just look like a team that loves keeping possession but have no interest in doing anything with it. What they seem to forget is that there’s a set of goals at one end of the pitch that they need to get the ball into.” #AWCHQ #URUKSA ⚽️

And that’s it for the first half of #URUKSA. Pretty chippy, close game so far. Not completely uneventful, but as the Guardian live coverage put it, “not a half of football that will live long in the memory.” What will the 2nd half bring? #AWCHQ ⚽️

Here comes our 2nd game of the day, back to Group A with Uruguay taking on Saudi Arabia! #KSA need a result to survive after the 5-0 beatdown they got in their 1st game, but #URU can clinch advancement with a win. #AWCHQ #URUKSA ⚽️

And we’re underway in Moscow on Day 7: #POR on 1 point, #MAR on 3. And an early goal on the board before I’ve even had breakfast! A whole game to go, will they hold on to that lead, or build on it, or surrender it? Let’s see! #AWCHQ #PORMAR ⚽️